Tadas Pack

Examples of my work

My passion lies at the intersection of both data and development. My current goal is to find a position which continues to challenge me and enables me to expand my skillset.

My current skills and interests




I currently work as a developer and network engineer for my father's firm, Aurora Communications.
I am tasked with creating web apps to meet the business needs of the organization, while also providing
emergency field work for digital signage networks in the DMV region.

In the past, I have also worked for the National Association of Counties (NACo). At NACo, I managed a data visualization tool called County Explorer.
County Explorer was a critical tool which aimed to make data accessible to any audience - from the largest and most technical counties, to tiny counties in the midwest.
I also co-authored an economic analysis piece focusing on economic recovery from the great recession at the county level.

I have also founded a small start-up. In 2013, I began to learn about Bitcoin, consuming as much information as possible, eventually investing.
As my knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol grew, I began to provide consulting services and realized an arbitrage opportunity.
To satisfy the unmet demand for Bitcoin on the University of Maryland, College Park campus, I began to trade Bitcoin locally.
While no longer doing business, I consider this venture successful because it was profitable, the first to provide liquidity in the local area, and I learned much along the way.

My other experience and hobbies/fun facts:

If you feel I may be a good fit, please reach out to me at tadaspack@gmail.com
or connect with me on LinkedIn